Academic Regulations

Philosophy Behind Academic Regulations

Academic regulations exist to assist the students in academic matters; to delineate the terms of students’ contract with the University; and to maintain the integrity of the University’s academic programs. While regulations enable the system to operate smoothly and effectively, they also facilitate growth, development, and responsibility in students. Saint Mary’s makes every effort to ensure that advice on academic matters is available to its students, but in the final analysis it is the students’ responsibility to seek such advice.

The information, regulations, and guidelines contained in this section apply to all graduates students at the University.  Additional regulations pertaining to graduate programs are in the Calendar.

Note: The University continuously reviews all of its academic regulations and hereby serves notice that significant revision(s) thereto may occur from time to time and will be duly promulgated officially.

Students, members of faculty, and administrative officers concerned with academic matters are all expected to be familiar with the rules, regulations, and procedures of the University as published in this Academic Calendar. The University reserves the right to approve academic programs and timetables, and to control access to courses and individual classes. It is the particular responsibility of students to ensure that the courses which they take are appropriate for their academic program, involve no timetable conflicts, and collectively satisfy all the requirements of that program.

Note: Academic administrators may appoint designates to carry out functions and responsibilities delineated in these academic regulations.