25. Certificate of Honours Equivalency

a.  The Certificate of Honours Equivalency was established by the University Senate to provide a means of granting appropriate recognition to those Saint Mary’s graduates who did not follow the regular honours program of the University but have subsequently completed all requirements for graduation in such a program, and having already received a degree, cannot have a second undergraduate degree in the same Faculty conferred upon them. To earn the Certificate of Honours Equivalency, students must complete all the requirements (or their equivalents) for the appropriate honours program.

b.  Students who have earned a first undergraduate degree from another post-secondary institution may be admitted to the Certificate if they have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or above.  Admission requires the approval of the appropriate department chairperson and the Dean. Advanced standing will be granted in accordance with regulation 20 above.  Students must complete at least 30 additional credit hours at Saint Mary’s and satisfy all course and grade requirements for the honours program.