Women Studies

Courses in Women’s Studies are administered through the Department of Sociology on a cross-listed basis with a number of departments in the Faculty of Arts. Students interested in pursuing their degrees with a focus on Women’s Studies courses are advised to choose courses in consultation with both the Chair of the Department of Sociology and their own department’s Academic Advisors.

Courses in Women’s Studies lead to a fuller understanding of how gender and intersecting variables of power shape individuals and groups, cultures, ways of knowing, and struggles for social justice and change. This involves scrutinizing not just how gender shapes and has shaped everyday practices, but also how sexual norms, racism, class, geo-politics, ableism, and age-related power shape people's lives in conjunction with gender. Students in the program learn feminist theories and methods with which to transform the norms and forms of domination that socially construct women in oppressive ways, and that discourage practices of femininity and masculinity that hinder all genders from participating fully in society.  Women and Gender Studies programs and departments throughout Canada and internationally are widely recognized as playing an important role in broadening and problematizing our definitions of knowledge and helping to amend the bias and narrowness of many academic disciplines and social practices and institutions beyond the academy. Governments and many large and small institutions and organizations acknowledge the need to work towards gender, sexual and related forms of equity; our graduates demonstrate their expertise in this area through a range of practical and professional applications of their knowledge.

For details on the Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies see the Graduate Academic Calendar.