School of the Environment

Director, Dr. Tony Charles

The School of the Environment is a pan-faculty School being comprised of programs and courses from the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science and the Sobey School of Business. The School of the Environment is the focal point for environmental education at Saint Mary's University, which brings together the university’s four academic programs that are explicitly environmental in nature:

  1. B.Sc. programs within the Environmental Science Department
  2. The Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree program
  3. B.A. programs within the Geography Department
  4. B.Sc. programs within the Geography Department

The School of the Environment facilitates and ensures a strong level of interaction among all students registered in the School’s environmental programs, by offering these programs in a unified, coordinated manner. Specific details regarding each of these four programs can be found in the appropriate section of the Academic Calendar, and will not be repeated here. In this way, all students graduating from the School’s programs have experienced the best environmental education possible.

The School, through innovative teaching and learning opportunities, supports the University’s mission statement involving sustainability, and contributes to University community outreach.