Faculty of Science

Dr. Sam Veres, Dean (Interim)
Dr. Jason Masuda, Associate Dean - Student Affairs (Acting)
Dr. Roby Austin, Associate Dean - Curriculum
Courtenay Kyle, Senior Science Academic Advisor
Laura Johnston, Science Academic Advisor
Tara Whitney, Science Academic Advisor

The Faculty of Science prepares students to be leaders in the global community through hands-on learning in safe and stimulating state-of-the-art learning environments with award-winning instructors, leading researchers, and innovative science communicators. The Faculty of Science offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) and a Diploma of Engineering (Dip. Eng.).  Engineering programming is described in its own section of this Academic Calendar.

The Faculty of Science through its different Departments, offers courses for open enrolment to students in all Faculties. These mostly 1000-level courses in the different science subject areas focus on a qualitative approach to explaining some of the science behind our observations, history, behaviour, or physical experiences, and allow students to gain a broad understanding and appreciation of science disciplines while increasing their science literacy. Science students may enroll in these courses too, and count them as free electives (only) in their degree program. Course descriptions for these and all Science courses are included under their subject area section in this Calendar (e.g., Chemistry).