Applied Science, PhD

The Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Science Program is a research dissertation-oriented degree program. The objectives of the program are:

  • to provide graduate students with the opportunity to conduct research in a single or multidisciplinary field of study with practical application; 
  • to produce graduates with valuable skills in research and communication preparing them for careers in related fields of research and development in industry, government or academia.

The normal duration of the Program for full-time students is three years, with the maximum time for completion at seven years. Students benefit from the guidance of experts in related fields of study within the institution and from outside, as the composition of the supervisory committee reflects the Program’s emphasis on the multidisciplinary approach to research. Collaborative research projects with experts at recognized external research institutions are an important part of the Program in the required Research Internship.

Admission Requirements

The Ph.D. in Applied Science follows the general admission requirements and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research as outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

In addition, to apply for admission to the Program, applicants normally must have:

  1. successfully completed an M.Sc. degree in Science from a recognized institution or the equivalent.
  2. achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.70 (an ‘A-’ standing) in their M.Sc.-level coursework.
  3. Applicants to this program, whose first language is not English, must demonstrate their English language proficiency as outlined in Graduate Academic Regulation 1e with the following additional requirements: a TOEFL (iBT) score of at least 100, with no individual band below 20; or an IELTS score of at least 7.0, with no individual band below 6.5.

A student wishing to transfer from the M.Sc. in Applied Science program, at Saint Mary’s University, directly into the Ph.D. program must submit a form signed by each member of the supervisory committee attesting to the aptitude and motivation of the student to pursue research at the Ph.D. level. This will normally occur before the end of the student's third semester of residency in the M.Sc. in Applied Science Program.

The student must also supply two letters of recommendation (these can be from the main supervisor and/or supervisory committee members) that describe the student’s aptitude for research and suitability for the Ph.D. in Applied Sciences Program, and the suitability of the research project for training at the Ph.D. level. This form is to be approved by the Program Executive and the Dean of FGSR. The form, the recommendation letters, an online application, and a Doctoral Research Proposal, constitute a complete Application for Transfer to Ph.D. Program.

Students transferring directly from the M.Sc. in Applied Science program at Saint Mary's University who have already taken Graduate Seminar (APSC 6600) will not be required to enroll in Graduate Seminar (APSC 7600), but will be given advance credit so that the 39.0 credit hour minimum is still met. If approved, no M.Sc. degree is conferred.

From the date in which the student officially transfers into the Ph.D. program, the student will have two semesters to complete the Doctoral Research Proposal (APSC 7602) and five semesters to complete the Qualifying Examination (APSC 7603).

Financial Support

Full-time students admitted to the program may be eligible for funding administered by Saint Mary’s University. Funding recommendations are made by the program All successful applicants are automatically considered for graduate funding. Students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships.