Women and Gender Studies, MA

The Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies program is offered cooperatively by Saint Mary’s University and Mount Saint Vincent University. This program emphasizes the interdisciplinary basis of Women and Gender Studies, its community linkage, and its grounding in feminist theories and methodologies.

The Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies will appeal to individuals with interests in:

  • areas that combine a feminist perspective with global issues;
  • gender in relation to war and peace studies,
  • cultural and media studies;
  • literary studies;
  • history;
  • theory;
  • research methods;
  • health;
  • sexuality;
  • education;
  • social change;
  • religion/spirituality;
  • human rights, law, regulation and social justice;
  • race and ethnicity;
  • body image,
  • paid and unpaid care-giving labour;
  • family relations;
  • creative arts; and
  • feminist community activism.

This program is enriched by its access to a variety of library collections at universities in the city, by the presence of the Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, and by its links with active local feminist communities.

Admission Requirements

Applicants may apply to either the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at Saint Mary`s University, or Mount Saint Vincent University.  Students receive a Master of Arts Degree in Women and Gender Studies from the institution in which they are formally enrolled.  Students are encouraged to apply to both institutions to maximize their chances of acceptance and funding.

Students applying to Saint Mary's University must meet the general admission requirements and follow the procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research as outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. To be admitted into the program, applicants will normally be expected to have a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree, with a minimum B average or equivalent. Students who do not meet eligibility criteria may be admitted with the requirement to complete a qualifying year or additional courses.

Enrolment is limited and based on the availability of Women and Gender Studies faculty to supervise a student’s proposed area of research.

Application should include all recommendation forms, transcripts, and other required information. Applications are due February 1.

Financial Support

Full-time students admitted to the program may be eligible for funding administered by Saint Mary’s University. Funding recommendations are made by the program All successful applicants are automatically considered for graduate funding. Students are encouraged to apply for external scholarships.