Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions

Saint Mary’s University offers two international management programs that provide exceptional management skills to current and future co-operative leaders:

  • Master of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions
  • Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management

These programs are designed for working professionals seeking a part-time, on line program geared to co-operatives, credit unions, and mutuals.  The programs draw students, faculty, and researchers from around the globe and from a diversity of co-operative sector organizations.

Throughout the curriculum, management functions are explored within the context of the co-operative business model while being driven by the purpose, values and principles of cooperation.  Beyond the development of a deep understanding of the history and evolution of the co-operative movement, learning encompasses governance, strategy, leadership and people management skills through to accounting finance, marketing, and information technology.

The program is predominantly on line with students and faculty in various countries interacting as part of a co-operative learning community.  To facilitate this on line learning experience, strong relationships are forged during a one week face-to-face orientation at the start of the program and during the international study tour in year 2 (for Master program students).

Admission Requirements

These programs follow the general admission requirements and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) as outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar with the following additional requirements:

  • Letter of Intent: A two page description that outlines how the Master or Graduate Diploma program will benefit you and your organization.
  • Letter of Support: A letter from the co-operative sector organization (typically your employer) that you will use as a case study, indicating their willingness to have you study various aspects of the organization.
  • Resume: Submit a current resume and list your most recent experience first;
  • Recommendations: two confidential recommendation forms, one of which should be from a current or former professor. The other one will be work experience references. Note: If you are unable to find an academic recommendation then two professional recommendations will be accepted.

​In addition, we require that you:

  • Be actively engaged in the co-operative sector (e.g. employed by a co-operative, credit union, mutual, or sector association serving governance roles, consulting) preferably in a supervisory or management position.
  • Have completed an undergraduate degree or have an equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • Have adequate access to the internet and a computer to enable you to handle the demands of computer-based distance education.

We encourage you to apply early as we review and make acceptance decision on applications throughout the year.  April 1st is the standard application deadline, and a requirement for bursary consideration.  Applications after this date will be accepted until spaces are filled, or until a final deadline of May 31st.