International Master of Teaching English (IMTE)

There is a growing need worldwide for non-native English speakers to prepare themselves for careers in teaching English as an additional language. The IMTE is a course-based, professional program offering preparation for a career teaching English abroad. The coursework is balanced with a significant proportion of classroom experience.  This degree is oriented primarily to international students planning to teach English abroad.  The program combines foundational concepts of foreign language teaching and learning with experiential learning of practical dimensions English language teaching.

The IMTE is designed for completion in four semesters, or sixteen months.

Admission Requirements

The International Master of Teaching English (IMTE) follows the general admission requirements and procedures of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research as outlined in the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. The minimum requirements for entry into the program are:

  1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited or recognized institution. Although a degree related to the field of language studies, especially English language studies, is preferred, the IMTE admissions committee will be assessing each application and its related degree(s) on an individual basis.
  2. CELTA or TESL Diploma, or, in the estimation of the admissions committee, its equivalent.
    Documented English teaching experience, or its equivalent.
  3. A demonstrated interest in pursuing a career as a teacher in the field (e.g. through the required letter of intent, through education, through evidence provided by the required CV and/or other documents accompanying the application, etc.)
  4. Non-native speaking applicants—the target cohort for this program—must demonstrate their English language proficiency as outlined in Graduate Academic Regulation 1e.

Enrolment is limited. Preference will be given to candidates who exceed the above minimums. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

The application deadline is April 1.