10. Deferred Final Examinations

a.  A student may request a deferred final examination based on:

(i)   serious illness, personal/family emergency, or unforeseeable adverse situation;

(ii)  religious grounds, as per Academic Regulation 8.n.;

(iii)  participation in regional, provincial, national, or international activity.

(iv)  conflict as per Academic Regulation 8.e.

Elective arrangements (such as travel plans) are not considered acceptable grounds for granting a deferred final examination.    

A list of holy dates can be referenced on the Office of the Registrar webpage.

b.  A student who wishes to have such a request considered must submit the request in writing according to the timelines given in c. and d. (below).  A student may submit a single request that applies to multiple examinations.  Requests should be submitted through the Academic Advising Office of the Faculty in which the student is registered.  Decisions on deferred examination requests are made by the Dean of the Faculty in which the course is offered.

c.  Requests under a. (ii) and a (iii) must be made in writing to the Dean and include appropriate documentation to support the request.  When possible, such requests must be made within seven calendar days of the announcement of the examination date.

d.  For consideration of requests under a.(i), a student must:

(i)  Within 48 hours after the end of the final examination, report, or have a representative report (in writing if possible), to their Academic Advising Office, intention to request a deferred examination and

(ii)  Within seven calendar days after the end of the examination submit to the Dean (or designate) a written request for a deferred examination.  This request must be accompanied by an explanation of the circumstances which made it impossible for the student to write the regular examination and documentation that supports the request.

e.  A decision will be communicated to the student and the instructor(s) within one calendar week of receipt of the request.

f.  On approval of a deferred examination, the responsibility for setting and conducting the deferred examination will lie with the instructor and the department.  Deferred examinations should be completed as soon as possible and normally (i.e. wherever possible) as follows: for fall term by January 31, for the winter term by May 31, for summer session one by July 31 and for summer session two by September 30.