Bachelor of Science - Double Major

7. With the approval of the Chairs of the academic units involved, students may pursue a double major program in any two science subjects (except Astrophysics). In addition to satisfying the requirements for the Bachelor of Science Major, students must complete the following:
Note: At least 50% of all courses for any academic program must be taken at Saint Mary’s University and at least 50% of all courses taken in the major subjects must be taken at Saint Mary’s University.

a. at least thirty-six (36) credit hours in each major subject;

b. twelve (12) credit hours in Science not in the major subjects and in addition to the required Mathematics or Computing Science credit [six (6) credit hours], excluding non-Group B Geography courses and all Engineering courses.  With respect to this regulation, all courses taught in Psychology and Mathematics are considered Science courses;

c. sufficient electives to complete the one hundred and twenty (120) credit hours required for a Bachelor of Science with a double major [exclusion list under Major 6(e) applies], and achieve a minimum degree grade point average of 2.00 in order to qualify for graduation with a Bachelor of Science;

d. Students must obtain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.20 in all courses used to satisfy [7 (a) above].

8. Students’ programs must be approved by the Department(s) in which the major is taken and must satisfy any core programs specified by the Department(s) and approved by the Faculty of Science. These requirements may be waived in special cases by the Dean of Science who may approve a special program for a student in consultation with the Department(s) concerned.