Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science programs are offered in a range of subject areas and their combinations. In all B.Sc. programs, students must satisfy minimum program requirements in each of the following areas:

  • Science subject area: This is the area(s) of the major/honours or concentration, and includes those courses or credit hours required for the specific program;
  • Science breadth: These are Science courses outside of the major/honours area that enhance the program of study and include Group B courses in GEOG;
  • Mathematics and/or Computing Science: The different ways to satisfy this requirement for individual programs are listed with the program requirements;
  • Arts and/or Economics: Science students must take a minimum number of credit hours in Economics and/or subject areas offered in the Faculty of Arts;
  • Humanities: Science students must satisfy a minimum number of credit hours among the Humanities subject areas, including Atlantic Canada Studies, Asian Studies, Ancient Studies, English, History, Intercultural Studies, Irish Studies, Philosophy, Religion, and Languages and Cultures (courses in literature and/or culture);   
  • Programs also allow for free electives to be chosen by the student, in any university subject area available to them.

The B.Sc. degree programs offered by the Faculty of Science are summarized in the table below. Not all degree programs are available in all science subject areas or their combinations. A description of each program and a list of the specific program requirements for each program are listed on the following pages in this section of the Calendar. All Programs are 120 credit hours total, except B.Sc. General with Concentration (90 credit hours total).

Bachelor of Science Programs

Subject Area with Abbreviated Code in Brackets Certificate in Forensic Science1 B.Sc. General with Concentration B.Sc. Major B.Sc. Double Major B.Sc. Major and Minor B.Sc. Honours B.Sc. Double Honours
Astrophysics X X X
Biology [BIOL] X X X X X X X
Chemistry [CHEM] X X X X X X X
Computing Science [CSCI] X X X X X X X
CSCI and Business Admin X X
Environmental Science [ENVS] X X X X X X
Geography [GEOG] X X X X X X X
Geology [GEOL] X X X X X X X
Combined GEOL and GEOG X X X
GEOL and Commerce X X X
Mathematics [MATH] X X X X X X X
Physics [PHYS] X X X X X X X
Psychology [PSYC] X X X X X X X

* The Certificate is not a stand alone credential. Students may choose to add a Certificate in Forensic Science to their B.Sc. Major or Honours program but may increase total # of credit hours to greater than 120 for some combinations.