Bachelor of Science - General (with a Concentration)

The general program is designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain a broad knowledge, skills, and appreciation of science in a selected area of concentration and in selected complimentary disciplines.  B.Sc. General students are encouraged to include elective courses from the Faculty of Arts and the Sobey School of Business to enrich their program.

  1. A concentration program is available in the following disciplines:

Subject to the regulations set forth in this Academic Calendar, students must complete ninety (90) credit hours.
Note: At least 50% of all courses for any academic program must be taken at Saint Mary’s University and at least 50% of all courses taken in the concentration subject must be taken at Saint Mary’s University.

2.  Students will normally take thirty (30) credit hours during the regular academic year.

3. For the degree of Bachelor of Science, students must successfully complete:

a. Six (6) credit hours in Humanities:

  • Ancient Studies
  • English
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Languages and Cultures (courses on literature and/or culture)

b. six (6) credit hours in Mathematics and/or Computing Science at 1210 or above. Students who have completed Calculus for Life Sciences I (MATH 1250) may not use Introductory Calculus I (MATH 1210) towards fulfilling this requirement.

c. twelve (12) credit hours in Arts subjects and/or Economics, excluding Mathematics and Psychology.  Group B GEOG courses, all PSYC courses, and all MATH courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement. These twelve (12) credit hours are in addition to requirement (a) above;

d. not less than thirty (30) or more than forty-two (42) science credit hours in their area of concentration;

e. eighteen (18) credit hours in Science not in the subject of concentration and in addition to the required Mathematics or Computing Science courses, excluding non-Group B Geography courses and all Engineering courses.  With respect to this regulation, all courses taught in Psychology and Mathematics are considered Science courses.

f. sufficient electives to complete the ninety (90) credit hours required for a general Bachelor of Science - General; and achieve a minimum degree grade point average of 2.00 in order to qualify for graduation with a Bachelor of Science degree.