Saint Mary’s University offers the first two years of an Engineering degree program accredited by the Association of Professional Engineers of the Provinces through the Canadian Accreditation Board. These first two years of study constitute the Diploma in Engineering. 

Completion of Degree at Dalhousie University

Upon completion of the Diploma in Engineering at Saint Mary’s, students may choose to apply to Dalhousie University for the completion of their Bachelor of Engineering degree in their chosen discipline program. Required courses for the Diploma, as well as for each of the disciplines are listed below. Admission to the desired discipline program at Dalhousie University is not automatic and may depend on the applicant’s academic standing and the number of available seats in the different programs.  Students with low academic standings may be offered alternative disciplines. Dalhousie will treat students from the Associated University programs (of which Saint Mary’s is a member) in the same manner as students who entered the program as freshmen at Dalhousie University. Academic merit will be the only deciding factor on admission to disciplines.

Completion of Degree at University of Windsor

With a Saint Mary’s University Diploma in Engineering, students may be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Mechanical Engineering and to the Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Civil Engineering programs at the University of Windsor.  Students must have successfully completed their Diploma in Engineering and obtained a minimum grade of C- in each of their required courses for the Diploma.  Available options within the BASc in Mechanical Engineering include:

  • General,
  • Aerospace,
  • Automotive,
  • Materials or
  • Environmental.

Interested students should speak to the Engineering Academic Advisor.

Completion of Degree at Saint Mary’s University

Diploma in Engineering students may also choose to continue their studies at Saint Mary’s to obtain a Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Engineering. Two options are available: B.Sc. (General) with Diploma in Engineering; and B.Sc. with Major and Diploma in Engineering.