Commercial Law (CMLW)

CMLW 2201  Legal Aspects of Business - Part I    
3 credit hours  

The formation of a contract will be discussed along with the requirements for enforcing a contract, the discharge of contracts, the assignment of contractual rights, privacy misrepresentation, mistake, and duress. Students will be introduced to intentional torts, negligence, different forms of business organizations, the sale of goods, real property,the Canadian legal system, and methods of dispute resolution.

CMLW 3202  Legal Aspects of Business - Part II    
3 credit hours  
Prerequisite: CMLW 2201

Students critically examine additional legal aspects of business. Topics covered may include laws and legal issues pertaining to human rights, the constitution, war, competition, criminal enterprise, employment, labour, sports, defamation, tax, immigration, the environment, and the law of the sea.