Latin (LATN)

LATN 1100  Introduction to Latin    
6 credit hours  

A course in the essentials of Latin grammar for students beginning their study of this ancient language. Since Latin is an inflected language with many changes in endings, students should be prepared to work hard at understanding and learning its basic structures.

LATN 2202  Intermediate Latin I    
3 credit hours  
Prerequisite: LATN 1100 or permission of the instructor

Students work to enhance their development of good techniques of Latin-English translation and of rendering English into idiomatic Classical Latin. A variety of Latin authors and the continued study of Latin grammar will be utilized to achieve those objectives.

LATN 2203  Intermediate Latin II    
3 credit hours  
Prerequisite: LATN 2202 or permission of the instructor

This course is a continuation of LATN 2202.