The program offerings of the Department of Chemistry are designed to meet two main objectives:

  1. to provide a rigorous core education in the theory and practice of chemistry for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours, Major, Minor, or Concentration in Chemistry;
  2. to provide students in other disciplines an introduction to the principles and practices of this central science, contributing to their fundamental understanding and appreciation of the physical world.

Our Bachelor of Science with Major in Chemistry and Bachelor of Science with Honours in Chemistry degrees are nationally accredited programs by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) governing board, ensuring that the program has the potential to prepare graduates to practice their profession in a competent scientific manner. Honours graduates from the program are well prepared to continue their education at the graduate level in related fields of study. Majors graduates are also well equipped to further their education or to enter into the scientific work force, contributing to such areas as research, education, government, and industry at various levels of responsibility.

In addition to having a strong commitment to teaching, the Chemistry Department Faculty members are committed to engaging undergraduate students in their research activities. Opportunities exist for motivated and capable students to enrich their program by contributing to the research work and dissemination of research results through employment as research assistants and participation in research conferences.