Note: This segment lists undergraduate courses and programs in Physics only.  Course and program descriptions for Astronomy and Astrophysics may be found in the Astronomy (ASTR) segment of this Calendar while graduate course descriptions and graduate programs in Astronomy may be found in the Graduate Academic Calendar.

The Department offers three different levels of undergraduate study in physics. These include:

  • a physics concentration and minor suitable for general science students who want a basic understanding of the fundamentals of physics;
  • a physics major suitable for students who want a solid physics education but who do not necessarily intend to practice physics professionally or go on to graduate school; and
  • a physics honours program for those who require a rigorous training in classical and quantum physics who intend to pursue physics professionally or in postgraduate studies. 

The major and honours programs are virtually identical through the third year, and students do not need to commit to the honours program until after third year.  However, the student nust secure a supervisor for the honours thesis (Research Thesis (PHYS 4790)) before applying to the honours program.

In addition to the physics concentration, major, and honours programs, there are double major physics programs with:

  • mathematics
  • chemistry
  • philosophy

at both the major and honours levels consistent with the regulations governing double major and double honours programs in Science and in Arts.