Geography is the study of the Earth’s surface, and of the spatial distribution and patterns of its physical and human characteristics.  Geographers study how nature and culture work to create distinct spaces, places, landscapes, and regions. Geography is a subject with theoretical interest and has practical importance with applications in a wide range of fields.

It is possible to obtain a Major, Honours, or Concentration in Geography in either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree program. A Minor in Geography may be obtained in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Environmental Studies, or Bachelor of Commerce degree program.

Requirements for the Combined Geology/Geography (Major and Honours) programs are described in the Geology section of the Academic Calendar.

Department Policies

  1. The Department regards 1000-level courses as both service courses for the University in general and basic introductory courses for students in Geography programs.
  2. Geography courses are divided into four groups:
        Group A - Human geography
        Group B - Physical geography
        Group C - Techniques and methods
        Group D - Integrative, which may combine aspects of human geography, physical geography, and techniques and methods.​
    Group designations are included after the course number and title in the listings of Geography courses in the Academic Calendar.
  3. Students in Geography programs are recommended to complete Geospatial Concepts (Group C) (GEOG 2306) before proceeding to upper-level courses.
  4. The Department recognizes the importance of developing students' communication skills in preparation for participating in the work force and/or continuing their education at an advanced level. Therefore, in addition to addressing geographic content, the Department is committed to improving the written and oral communication skills of students in Geography courses by including evaluation of these communication skills in course work. The Department, in collaboration with the Writing Centre, has created a Style Guide that is available from the Writing Centre.