Atlantic Canada Studies

Atlantic Canada Studies is an interdisciplinary major, minor, honours, concentration, and certificate option in the Arts Faculty which has developed out of an increasing demand by students, faculty and the community generally, for a more organized study of this region.

Students who complete a major, minor, honours, concentration, or certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies will have helped to prepare themselves for a fuller and more meaningful participation in the life of Atlantic Canada, and will have acquired a useful background for careers in teaching, law, trade and industry, and the provincial and federal civil services. Their attention is particularly drawn to the advantages, from a career point of view, of taking Atlantic Canada Studies as part of a double major or honours.

Graduate Studies

For detailed information on the Master of Arts in Atlantic Canada Studies, refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar.

Admission Requirements for the Certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies

The Certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies requires a formal application for admission and the official approval of the Undergraduate Coordinator for Atlantic Canada Studies. Students applying for admission to the program must have completed thirty (30) credit hours of undergraduate study at an accredited university or must show a demonstrated interest in the field. Students majoring in Atlantic Canada Studies at Saint Mary’s University are not eligible for this program.

Students admitted to the program must complete at least eighteen (18) credit hours at Saint Mary’s University. The official approval of the Undergraduate Coordinator for Atlantic Canada Studies is required for credit hours completed at another institution to be included in the certificate program.