Global Development Studies (formerly International Development Studies)

Graduate courses are available to students registered in the Master’s degree program. Other students must have approval of the IDS Undergraduate Coordinator. For information on graduate programs see the Graduate Academic Calendar.

Global Development Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program which uses the concepts and research of many university disciplines to explain the startling and disturbing  differences in human living conditions among the world’s social groups, especially those found in what is commonly called the developing world.

Using the techniques and theories of social sciences and humanities disciplines, Global Development Studies conducts research, assesses explanations, and engages in real world practices which seek to further our understanding and betterment of human living conditions in all countries throughout the world, but especially countries in the so-called developing world.  Global Development Studies has a strong orientation towards empirical research, fieldwork, and other forms of primary data acquisition and practice. However, there is also an important emphasis on creating useful understandings and explanations which help us make sense of the current human condition around the globe.

A degree in global development studies may be combined with a degree in another discipline recognized by the Global Development Studies Program. Joint majors, and minors, may be arranged through consultation with the University department involved and the Coordinator of Global Development Studies Program, or his or her designate.

Students interested in GDS, including students contemplating GDS as a possible major, are encouraged to speak with the GDS Undergraduate Coordinator or a Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Advisor.

The Global Development Studies Program strongly recommends that students in GDS gain competency in a second language relevant to their studies. Students are especially referred to the Certificates offered by the Department of Languages and Cultures. For example, students wishing to focus on the Latin America region should note that a number of courses leading towards the Certificate of Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture may also be counted towards GDST program.