Global Development Studies (formerly International Development Studies)

Global Development Studies is about addressing the causes and consequences of global poverty and social injustice. It combines critical thinking with practice in every day life aimed at enhancing the ability of everyone to actively participate in society to confront the world’s most pressing social, economic, political, and environmental problems. While some in this world have a range of opportunities and benefits, the majority world encounters daily challenges to survive and thrive. Drawing on a distinctly global and interdisciplinary approach, the Department of Global Development Studies is concerned with what it takes to improve lives and livelihoods, and understand and alter the historical and current patterns of global injustice.

Global Development Studies research is conducted with an eye toward the social change and societal transformation needed to make the world a better and fairer place. GDST students conduct research, analyze different explanations, and engage in concrete practices which seek to further our understanding and betterment of living conditions throughout the world.

The Department of Global Development Studies recommends that students in GDST gain competency in a second language relevant to their studies. Students are especially referred to the Certificates offered by the Department of Modern Languages.

In addition to the general and basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree set out by the Faculty of Arts, students taking a degree within the Department of Global Development Studies must fulfill department-specific requirements for their GDST major, honours, or minor.