We are directly dependent on the Earth for our survival. Geology is the study of the Earth, its materials, the processes that affect its surface and interior, and the history of change that it has undergone. For students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science degree program with a Concentration, Major, or Honours in Geology, the Department offers a full program of courses. Many of these courses may also be taken by students majoring in other science subjects. A combined geology/geography or geology/environmental science program emphasizes environmental aspects of geology and a program combining geology and business studies emphasize the economic aspects of the Earth. In addition, a number of courses are offered for non-science students, emphasizing global aspects of geology, Earth history, and the interactions between the Earth and human society.

Science students interested in geology, including those who are planning to pursue the double majors and honours programs in geology, should take Understanding the Earth (GEOL 1200) and The Dynamic Earth (GEOL 1201).  This course provides a broad survey of the discipline, with practical experience provided through labs and field trips. Courses in mineralogy (Mineralogy (GEOL 2301), Optical and Analytical Mineralogy (GEOL 2302)) and the sedimentary environments (Sedimentology (GEOL 2325)) are also recommended as supporting science subjects for students majoring in other sciences.  

Planet Earth: Atlantic Canada Perspective (GEOL 1202), Earth History: Atlantic Canada Perspective (GEOL 1203), Global Change (GEOL 1206), Environment, Radiation and Society (GEOL 1207), Environmental Geology: Atlantic Canada Perspective (GEOL 1208)Dinosaurs and Their World (GEOL 1210), and Atlantic Ocean: Formation, Fossils, Phenomena (GEOL 1211) are designed chiefly for students in Commerce and Arts, including Atlantic Canada Studies. In exceptional cases where a student has taken Planet Earth: Atlantic Canada Perspective (GEOL 1202) and Earth History: Atlantic Canada Perspective (GEOL 1203) (previously GEOL 204.0) with high standing, those courses may, with the permission of the Department, be accepted in the Geology Major or Honours program in lieu of Understanding the Earth (GEOL 1200) and The Dynamic Earth (GEOL 1201).

Students in the Geology Major and Honours programs should seek the advice of the Department as to their elective and supporting courses, and are encouraged to tailor their course selection for Professional Geoscientist Registration. Year 4 students are encouraged to participate in the research projects being carried out in the Department. Under special circumstances, some prerequisites for 3000 and 4000-level courses may be waived with the permission of the Department.