Global Business Management

Globalization has been a reality for Canadian businesses large and small for some time now.  In order to survive, even small companies often have to compete directly with large international organizations.  Most organizations are much more diverse than they were even a year or two ago.  Many of our graduates will no doubt experience rewarding international placements and foreign travel as their careers develop.  It will be unusual to work in firms without employees and clients who originate from different corners of the world.  In order to develop synergy in this new business environment, it will be necessary to learn to work together, to communicate effectively, and to manage as a unit people coming from very different experiences, cultures, values, and expectations.

If managers wish to remain competitive, they must learn to adapt psychologically, to communicate effectively, and interact socially with other cultures.  International managers are expected to speak more than one foreign language.  The Bachelor of Commerce in Global Business Management offers the opportunity to study the skills essential for a successful international career.