Sustainability Business

The Certificate in Sustainability Business program combines specialized business courses focusing on sustainability with diverse offerings from departments across the university such as Environmental Science, Anthropology, and Social Justice. This diverse curriculum provides students with a holistic education in sustainable business practices, equipping them with the skills necessary for ethical and responsible leadership in the business world. The Certificate in Sustainability Business provides enrolled students with exciting experiential learning activities: network with innovative entrepreneurs and professionals driving sustainability, tackle real-world challenges, and contribute to local and global change through sustainability projects.

Students with an interest in the Certificate in Sustainability Business are encouraged to seek advising early from an Academic Advisor. Typically, consultation with an advisor would take place during or following the completion of Exploring Sustainability (BCOM 1201).


  • Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program are eligible to apply to the certificate program.
  • Students may concurrently complete the Certificate in Sustainability Business with the Bachelor or Commerce program. This certificate may not be completed alone.