British Studies

A cross-disciplinary minor in British Studies provides students with an opportunity to specialize in the literature and history of Britain. This dedicated minor brings together courses covering a wide array of literature and history from the Act of Union in 1707 to the present. The minor covers topics such as nationalism, imperialism, law, popular culture, and the black British experience, as well as the genres of poetry, fiction, film, and drama. Students will be introduced to the range of sources relevant to the study of both British history and literature.

This minor has been proposed in the spirit of the Academic Plan to encourage interdisciplinary study at the university. It draws on particular strengths on both departments in British studies. Unlike the existing minors in both departments, the proposed minor will expose students to studies in different methods in two disciplinary traditions. There are already a number of students in both departments taking courses in the area of British studies, and this will formally recognise those studies on their transcripts.