Environmental Science

The Department of Environmental Science offers a rigorous interdisciplinary program based on core sciences and includes courses in management, social sciences and the humanities. This program can lead to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major, honours or minor in Environmental Science under the Faculty of Science.

Students may pursue a double major in Environmental Science and another science subject. Students may also pursue a double honours in Environmental Science and another science subject.

Students may combine a minor in Environmental Science with a major in another discipline as part of a Bachelor of Science, Arts or Commerce degree.

For details on the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) degree requirements in the Faculty of Arts, please refer to the BES section in this Academic Calendar.

The Environmental Science program provides students with the necessary academic preparation to understand environmental and resource-oriented issues and to develop creative and effective solutions to environmental issues and challenges.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Students have the options to declare a major, double major, dual degree, honours, double honours, minor and/or co-op. Students may pursue a cooperative education option. See the Cooperatives Education Office for details.

Graduates of the honours program may be qualified for admission to graduate programs in Environmental Science or related subjects, see the Graduate Academic Calendar for details.