Social Justice and Community Studies

The Department of Social Justice & Community Studies provides students with strong interdisciplinary training to promote social responsibility and the development of active citizens.  Specifically, the Department fosters intersectional knowledge around issues such as:

  • gender and sexuality;
  • Indigeneity and Indigenous-settler relations;
  • citizenship and status;
  • race and critical whiteness; and
  • economic and other material resources,

in order to build stronger institutional relationships with and among:

  • Indigenous peoples,
  • African Nova Scotians, and
  • diverse settler and immigrant peoples.

The Department’s range of courses leading to both majors and minors, as well as an honours degree, enriched by SJCS program options in other departments (Atlantic Canada Studies, English, History, Religious Studies), provide students with the knowledge necessary to engage in problem solving and public deliberation in a range of complex social issues.


Students seeking an elective may take a Social Justice & Community Studies course at the 1000 level and with the prerequisite(s) 2000 level. Students who have completed the relevant prerequisites, or permission of the instructor, may register for 3000 level courses in Social Justice & Community Studies to complete a degree requirement for an elective at the 3000 level.