Astronomy and Astrophysics

Astronomy courses are offered by the Department of Astronomy and Physics

Note: This segment lists undergraduate courses in Astronomy and programs in Astrophysics only. Course and program descriptions for physics may be found in Physics (PHYS) in this Calendar while graduate course descriptions and programs in astronomy may be found in the Graduate Academic Calendar.

Degree Programs in Astrophysics

Because all modern-day astronomers are also physicists, no undergraduate degree in astronomy alone is offered. Instead, the Department offers three programs in astrophysics; a major, an honours and a minor. The astrophysics major program is designed for those who want a solid foundation in modern physics and astronomy, but who are not necessarily planning to continue their education beyond the B.Sc. The astrophysics honours program is designed for those who intend to continue on to graduate school, and involves the preparation of an honours thesis (Research Thesis (PHYS 4790)) under the supervision of a faculty advisor in their fourth year. As listed below, these two programs are identical through the second year meaning students need not commit to the honours program until the third year of study. Note also, as listed, these programs conform to the requirements of the Science faculty.