Sports Business

The Certificate in Sports Business is designed to augment existing BComm major programs with a focused examination of the sport business industry. This certificate is structured around a comprehensive curriculum that weaves together elements from sport, business, wellness, and other areas such as history, psychology, sociology, and more. This diverse curriculum fosters inter-departmental collaboration and innovative thinking and provides students with the ability to tailor their certificate to their interests.

This program will offer students a deep connection with the range of sport, health, and wellness resources on campus, in our region and beyond, including the Scott McCain & Leslie McLean Centre for Sport, Business and Health, the Athletics Department, and various local industry and community partners. As part of its real-world engagement, students would be able to include a dedicated for credit experiential learning course which will provide a valuable opportunity to transform theory into practice and as an important preparation into vocational pathways.

Students with an interest in the Certificate in Sports Business are encouraged to seek advising early from an Academic Advisor.


  • Students currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce program are eligible to apply to the certificate program. 
  • Students may concurrently complete the Certificate in Sports Business with the Bachelor or Commerce program. This certificate may not be completed alone.