Intercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies focus on the study of cultures in contact, i.e. the dynamic processes generated by interactions between cultures at various levels, from individual interrelations to interactions between individuals within a group and group interrelations within and with the rest of society. More specifically, Intercultural Studies look at an array of psychological, cultural, institutional, and social processes, changes, and transformations resulting from interactions and interrelations between cultures.

Intrinsically interdisciplinary, the new Intercultural Studies degree program at Saint Mary’s University is, at its core, based on language study and acquisition as a means of immersing oneself in and understanding culture. From a practical perspective, Intercultural Studies provide the theoretical knowledge to develop efficient strategies for successful interactions with colleagues, customers, clients, students, and acquaintances from different sociocultural backgrounds – regionally, nationally, and globally.

The program is based on a balanced approach where students will develop language and cultural proficiency in two language areas other than their first language as well as theoretical knowledge related to culture and communication.