The Department for the Study of Religion offers courses on the religious dimensions of human life in societies and cultures from a contemporary, global perspective.  Courses on religion and culture are offered as a way to explore various disciplines and their approaches to the study of religion or to engage in a debate around a theme structured to include both religious and non-religious views.  Such courses may examine a theme comparatively in order to show the views of different religious traditions or a theme may be presented in terms of a debate between religious and non-religious understandings.  Courses on the comparative study of religions include surveys of the major religious traditions of the world as well as courses which compare characteristics of religious life across several religious traditions.  Examining religious diversity in Canada and around the world is also part of the study of comparative religions.  By virtue of its character and history, Saint Mary’s University has a special responsibility to teach courses on Christianity.


Students seeking an elective may take any Religion course at the 1000 or 2000 level.  Students who have completed 30 credit hours of university course work and have completed a minimum of three (3) credit hours at the 1000 level and three (3) credit hours at the 2000 level may register for a 3000 level course in Religion to complete a degree requirement for an elective at the 3000 level.